Dr Simon Tannock – Environmental Engineer

ST-TI is focused on working with businesses, start-ups and individuals that require solutions that are not available off the shelf. Working with microalgae production systems, microalgae management and control and wastewater treatment systems for aquaculture, municipal sewage and unusual wastewater streams e.g. breweries, canneries, abattoirs.

Dr Simon Tannock has developed a broad knowledge with qualifications in biochemistry, microalgae biotechnology and anaerobic digestion and environmental engineering. His career has focused on designing and building unique and innovative systems for research and commercial purposes. Simon has won several Innovation Awards for his inventions and is working with a major Queensland company to develop and patent one of his latest inventions. Simon is also the founder of AlgaEnviro, supplying solutions for control of toxic algae and management of algae cultures in aquaculture and wastewater systems, as well as being suitable for natural rivers, streams and lakes, etc.

Past and present clients have said that it is the professional approach and innovative thinking that Simon brings to the table when discussing projects and looking for a solution. With his training as a researcher, Simon works to understand the problem from a technical point of view before looking for the best solution.

“I regularly find that some other industry has already solved a similar problem. By bringing a new set of eyes, with the ‘blinkers off’, I look to offer my clients the most commercially appropriate solution to their problem.”

If you need a solution that makes sense and you can’t find anywhere else then contact Simon to discuss your project needs.


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